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News News and more News!!!

Posted on February 09 2018

News News and more News!!!

MAD Watches is back!!!

But first off, here is a late Happy New Year to each and every one of you! We want to thank everyone that originally pledged and believe in us in 2017. 


Now for some news and updates:

During late 2017 and early 2018, we have been working extremely hard to find a manufacturer that is not only reputable but can deliver on our vision. Now we want to achieve this vision and deliver to you a watch that does not make you sell a kidney to afford it. Let's keep it fairly priced. 


Early 2018:

We narrowed it down to two different manufacturers and we are currently changing a few design points, material changes, and doing a few tests before we launch later this year.

As you can see in our featured image, this was our original automatic design which you pledged for and we want to keep the design as close as possible, but make it more appealing by changing a few little things. So here are a few things which we are changing at the moment.


Watch Case:
The case will still be the classic 42mm in size, and the lug width will still stay at 20mm to keep our classic proportions. But! The lugs will now be curved to give it a more sleek body and a better flow.
The case will also be made either from 316L Stainless Steel or possibly Titanium! We loved working with Titanium and it is a much more durable material yet it is much lighter (So if we use Titanium, then we will be adding weights for a better feel of the watch).
Yes! We will still be using only Double Domed Sapphire Crystal on the watch. The change we have here is this time, we will be using AR Coating on the inside of the lens. We are doing this because we want to have the scratch resistants of a pure crystal, but the anti-reflective angles of the coating. (If we place the AR Coating on the face of the crystal, then it will get scratched).
Typically we used the workhorse of a movement the Miyota 8215. Now with it being a new year, and we wanted to make a few changes. We are currently working on fitting an true Swiss Movement into the watch. We aren't releasing the exact movement model until we are completely happy with the build and accuracy of the movement. But our watches will now have Swiss Movement.
This is all for now, in regards to big changes. We hope all of you are having a happy new year! Please do not hesitate to contact us in regards to the changes, questions, concerns, etc. We will always respond to your requests. 
Andriy and Rudy



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  • Phyllis Clark: February 10, 2018

    Happy new year!! And this is very happy news to hear you are still working on this exciting project. I await further news.

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