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Thank you for your interest in MAD Watches, we get a lot of questions from the press and media and have tried to capture frequently asked questions here. If there is anything you need outside of what is covered here, please email and we’ll get back to you!


What is MAD Watches

We are Edmonton's first design watch brand. We design high-quality affordable watches while trying to mix modern elements with traditional design standards. We do this by keeping traditional watch design measurements, mix in a few minimalist points, and focus on using only the best materials for our watches.

Who is behind the brand

My name is Andriy Marchyshyn and I am one of the original founders of MAD Watches. I moved to Canada from Ukraine back when I was 9 years old in (1990) with my parents because they wanted to give us a better life and there was much more opportunity to have a better life here. Over my childhood, my dad owned this awesome original Casio W-760 which I was absolutely astonished by. (That was probably the first watch I ever saw when I was young). Moving to Canada, I dived right into the technology world and focus my life around IT and Computers and almost forgot about watches to an extent.

But when I was growing up, got a job and started making money, my eyes were set on a few watches that I absolutely had to have. At the age of 18 I bought my very first used Tag Heuer Monaco Caliber 6, which my parents frowned upon every day (They hated when I spent money on watches.) After that the floodgates were open. A few years after I saved more money and got an IWC Portugues Chronograph, and then the Breitling Navitimer, and so forth. Don't do what I did, because living at home, and spending money on watches is not a very smart idea in your parent's eyes.

A few years later I matured and realized that I can't spend 4 months salary on a watch if I want to own a car, a house, travel, etc....well at least not right now, and thought to my self. There has to be something I can do, and I can't be the only one in this situation. Thus came MAD Watches. 



A Microbrand why?

 With me not having a vast watch history or the biggest connection in the watch industry, I had to start small. Over the past two years we had reached out to multiple manufacturers, assemblers, movement makers, etc. and got a lot of prototypes made to see what was feasible and what wasn't. Of course, this watch had to be affordable, but at the same time, we didn't want to manufacture a cheap watch and then sell it for a premium. With that, we found our perfect manufacturer early last year, and got our final prototypes developed, tested, did a few changes, and got our final production models created. With releasing a microbrand, we can create a watch that is made from Titanium, has a Swiss Made Movement, uses sapphire crystal both for the front and the back, and yet still keep it affordable by distributing to our customers directly. 



What is your first collection?

Our first collection is the Jubilee Automatic. It is a traditional inspired mechanical automatic dress watch produced in a limited edition of 300 pieces. There are three examples to choose from in the collection, each made with aerospace grade titanium, double domed sapphire crystal for the face, a flat sapphire lens for the back, Sellita SW200 movement, Genuine leather straps, and we decided to use butterfly clasps to prevent the leather from creasing and aging harshly when using a standard T-Bar. The collection is now open for pre-order as of January 29th, 2019, and will be delivered to our customers no later than October 2019.

Pricing strategy

The Jubilee Automatic Collection is priced at $375CAD (Approximately $285USD) on Kickstarter.

After the Kickstarter has completed, the watches will retail for $699CAD (Approximately $530USD)

Brand creatives

Brand logo, high-res product shots